First blog post

We are here to make a difference, to affect one another and cause growth. We are here to shake each other up and make each other think. We each have a unique story to tell and a unique journey to travel. I want to help you travel your path a bit easier. I want to help you find the most beautiful parts of yourself and others. My goal is to help you find love and goodness in every situation, in every person.

I understand how hard it is at times to find that goodness in another. When you have been mistreated and misused, it’s hard to see good in a person that would do those things to you. It’s hard to look at their lives and situations and have empathy for how they became the way they are. Please understand, no one should ever have to go through an abusive experience. No one should subject themselves to someone who does abuse them. We can find understanding without allowing an abuser to be in our lives. We can find peace within ourselves.

We are all part of the Divine and as such we all carry a spark of the Divine, I want to help you find that spark and love it into a brilliant light. I want to help you make peace with yourself, your experiences, your God and your beliefs. So many of us are struggling with faith at this time. So many are trying to correlate what they feel is right inside with what they are told is right. I want to help you listen to your heart. I want to help you find that connection that exists between all living things. I want to hear your triumphs and your struggles.

You will see a lot of Spiritually based posts from me but you will not see me claim a religion. I cannot claim a single religion as I find meaning and correlation in every religion. I believe and follow what I believe is true in my heart. I do not claim a specific deity because I believe they are all equal and to claim one is to enter the division that I hope to be a small part of healing. I am simply a Spiritual being who hopes to pass on a bit of wisdom and a few laughs. I hope that you will find things here that make you smile and things that make you think. I want to engage you, I want to watch your transformation.

I hope that I can be a small part of your journey, a beacon of hope or a wise word when you need it. I look forward to growing with you, I look forward to knowing you. All my love always and the greatest of blessings to you and yours.





  1. Native Skye Rose · January 10, 2017

    I love this post it’s beautiful thank you for posting

    Liked by 1 person

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