What are Streams of Consciousness?

   We all have a different name for Spiritual Growth. We call it everything from “getting right with God” to “raising our vibration”. It all basically means the same things, we are trying to become better human beings. We are trying to become more loving, accepting, forgiving and giving. We are trying to grow towards our Spiritual Maturity aka Enlightenment, Awakened, Oneness, Christed, Holy, etc. When we are working towards this worthy and arduous goal, we are constantly changing our way of thinking and this is what I call Streams of Consciousness.

   As we grow and we move towards this Spiritual Maturity, our thoughts and idealisms change constantly. We open and expand at every new level of thinking, at every new understanding. At times this can be an epiphany or what seems like a huge influx of information, for me this is a change in your Stream of Consciousness. We can slip in and out of a new Stream of Consciousness several times before we finally grasp it enough to stay within it.

   The best analogy I can give is this: Think of a huge interstate in a giant city, where the off-shoots and exits spin off to the left and right, all going to different places and yet the same place all together. This is how I see our Streams of Consciousness. Each exit brings about new places and experiences but it doesn’t change the ultimate destination. Just like on an interstate, there are times you must weave your way through the traffic and congestion (lower vibrational behaviors such as anger, jealousy and greed) to reach the Stream you wish to be in but, you can always manage to get there, even if you have to take a few detours along the way.

   Our internal work helps to move us into new Streams of Consciousness as well. When we have old anger, fear and resentment and we do the work to remove those negative emotions from ourselves, we typically find ourselves viewing those situations and experiences in a completely new light. This is because, with the removal of those negative emotions, we can reach a new understanding of how our experiences have shaped us and those around us. We begin to see how those who we have seen as enemies, are ultimately victims themselves. We begin to see where we ourselves are causing some of the same pain in others that was caused within us. We begin to understand where others have failed to grow and learn from their own experiences, and how that led to even more negative experiences for them and for those close to them.

   As a child I was abused sexually, mentally and physically. For several years, well into my adulthood, I was full of anger and fear. I was angry at my experiences and I was angry at my father for forcing those experiences on me. I became violent as a teenager and lashed out at everyone, my anger over my experiences destroyed more friendships and relationships than I care to mention. I found myself in this constant loop of destruction and I didn’t know how to get out, it was like being on a roundabout and just continuing to circle. The cars around me may have changed but ultimately I was getting nowhere. Around the age of 23 I found a dear friend and mentor who told me to let it out, no matter what that looked like. I was told to scream and rage at God if necessary but that I had to get all the anger out in order to see anything beyond that. She worked with me for months before I finally got to a place within myself that I could see more than my anger. Once I finally did, I was astounded at what I found!

   Once I could speak of my experiences without filling with rage or shame, my mentor began to ask me questions about my father’s own childhood. The more we spoke the more I realized how broken he had been by his own experiences. Suddenly my anger towards him changed to something totally different, it changed to sadness and remorse for the person he could have been.

   I found a new Stream of Consciousness: Forgiveness. I need to stress that this didn’t cause me to see the experiences I went through as any less wrong but, it helped me understand that the only way to change the future for myself and my own children was to grow past the Stream of Consciousness that I was raised in. I can still detour from that Stream of Consciousness at times and become angry and frustrated as we are all apt to do however, the more time that passes the more I find that I stay in that Stream of Consciousness. Now when I detour off course, I catch myself much faster and I recognize the things within myself that are triggering that response. This makes it so much easier to get back into the right Stream again!!

  We are all following the Stream of Consciousness best suited for us at the moment for optimal learning and growth. Right now, I find myself on a Stream of Consciousness that is all about SELF-Forgiveness. This stream of Consciousness is still rather new and hard to stay in at the moment but as always, it’ll get easier with practice!!

   Keep reaching for your next and newest Stream of Consciousness and know that even if it is hard to maintain that Stream, the fact that you’ve found it means that you are growing!! Just keep pushing yourself and keep finding ways to do the internal work!! Until next time, Keep Growing!!


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