Soul Knowledge & Ecstatic Awakenings

   Have you ever had an absolute moment of clarity on a difficult situation/experience/decision that you are facing in your life? I have had these moments of Soul Knowledge several times. This happens when your Higher Self or Soul Consciousness steps in to offer you information and comfort. Let me try to explain a bit of what I mean with an experience of my own:

   At the age of 27 I faced several life threatening health related experiences. It started with preeclampsia during my 3rd pregnancy which resulted in my son going into distress and requiring an emergency C-section. I was waiting approximately an hour for my physician to get there, listening to my son’s heart skip 2 or 3 beats at a time. It was one of the scariest moments of my life and it began a spiral of physical issues for me. I was readmitted 4 days after my release because I became Septic after my emergency c-section, I spent another 4 days admitted. It took me several months to recover fully from all this, I couldn’t stand straight for over 3 months without pain.

   Three months after my physician performed my postpartum exam, I received a call saying that they had found abnormal cells during my exam and that I needed to come in for a biopsy. Once again I was terrified as cancer runs in my family. I set the appointment and convinced my then-husband to accompany me. As I laid upon the table and allowed them to take the biopsies they needed a beautiful calm came over me and I heard “You need to prepare, these biopsies will come back cancerous.” This was an absolute and I knew to the core of my being that what I was being told was true. Even through the peace I cried, I had no idea at that point what cancer would mean for me or for my family. I was a mother of 3 small children, a wife, daughter, sister.

   This was absolute Soul Knowledge, this was my Higher Self/Soul Consciousness trying to prepare me. I walked out of the office with tears in my eyes and very calmly told my husband what I had been told. He was raised in a very strictly religious family and though he didn’t follow their beliefs fully at the time, he still had no understanding or belief in Spirit Communication. He became very angry and adamantly admonished me for saying that it would come back as cancer. I never left the peace I had found on the exam table, I also refused to change what I was saying. He became so enraged by my refusal to disclaim my experience that he got out of our vehicle and walked/hitchhiked home!

   It was a two week wait for the results of the biopsies. Throughout that time I was admonished numerous times for stating it would come back as cancer, I was told/encouraged to have a positive outlook and expectation. I heard this from friends, family, my pastor and church family; it seemed that everyone discredited what I couldn’t deny. When you receive Soul Knowledge it is absolute and resolute. You have no anger as you explain it nor do you feel anger at those who don’t understand it. You just KNOW.

   The Sunday after I received this Soul Knowledge, the pastor at church asked that anyone in need of prayer come to the front of the church and allow he and the elders to pray over them. This is not something I typically do however, on that day I felt that it was important for me to go up. The pastor himself chose to pray over/with me. I remember telling the Divine that I knew what the results would be and I only asked that it not be a burden to my children and family. I was so scared of what that big bad Cancer word meant. The fear suddenly welled up inside of me and tears began to stream down my face as the pastor prayed. All of that fear and anguish came crashing over me in an overwhelming wave and I remember feeling lost in the undercurrent of it, my body bent and bowed under the weight of it. The pastor placed his hands on my head as the sobbing tears gripped me and suddenly everything that I was feeling changed!

   The fear and anguish were ripped away as suddenly as they came, replaced by this ecstatic joy and love that I had NEVER felt before!! I was still sobbing but now it was mixed with spontaneous laughter and with this overwhelming sense of Love, Peace and Joy! I had an Ecstatic Awakening!! I suddenly KNEW that this cancer was not going to take anything away from me. I KNEW that it was a small part of a much bigger plan and somehow in that moment I understood EVERYTHING about that plan and I knew that it was for me and me alone. I KNEW that I had way to much work to do for this to take me. I KNEW that there was a much bigger plan and purpose behind EVERY experience I had ever gone through. This Ecstatic Awakening changed me, it changed the way that I thought about things, even things that had happened long ago, not just the cancer. Before it was said and done the entire congregation was giggling at my absolute Joy! The excitement and loving joy stayed with me all day and I remember just spending the day giving thanks to the Divine for this experience and for all of the blessings in my life that I could suddenly see so clearly.

   That night I had a dream that was so vivid I can still see it clearly today. I saw myself from a 3rd person perspective and I knew I was looking at what was to come for me. I was looking at the destination, it wasn’t necessary to know the stops along the way. As I watched myself in awe, I once again heard the voice of my Higher Self/Soul Consciousness. “This is what you are working towards, this is your purpose. It will take time, but you WILL get there. Just keep moving forward.” I woke my then-husband at around 4am bouncing off the walls! I woke with so much joy and excitement that I just couldn’t hold it in! Of course he wasn’t very receptive due to his sleep getting interrupted but he listened to me rattle on about it anyway. That vision has always been with me since then, when I fear what lies before me, I see it once more and my fear lessens.

   I’ve had several moments of Soul Knowledge and Ecstatic Awakening, they always seem to happen very close together, I believe that this is because they cause an ascension or a raise in your vibration, however you wish to term it. These moments are a precious gift and the more you “do the work” towards improving yourself and growing Spiritually, the more often you get to experience them. When we experience something more than once we begin to be able to stay longer in those experiences. I believe that full Enlightenment is simply figuring out how to stay in a constant state of Ecstatic Awakening.

  I’ll share more of my experiences with Soul Knowledge and Ecstatic Awakenings later! Have you experienced these feelings? I’d love to hear about your experiences!! Until next time, Keep Growing!!


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