Which God Are You Following??

Occasionally, you hear something that just strikes a chord deep inside of you. This morning my daughter came in all excited and asked me to watch a video she found because it discussed something that I talk to her and all my children about all the time. It was a video of Chris Crocker and he was talking about accepting other’s and not trying to push your beliefs on others. He asked a single question in this video that got me thinking. He’s question was this:

“Are you loving the God that made Man or are you loving the God that Man-made??”

Okay, let’s think about this for a second!! We know that there are certain things that every faith has in common; helping your fellow man, loving one another, Karma/reaping what you sow, etc. These are the things that each religion has. We all know that these are the things that are absolute. These are the things that the God that made Man asked for. The Bible and Holy books can be a bit confusing, sometimes they say love and care for one another and other times it says that we should shun and turn away from some people. Man, wrote these books, with all his flaws and all his own agenda’s. Of course, it contradicts itself at times!! You cannot have several people trying to write the same book and expect it to all fit together properly. God tells us even in the Bible that it is written in riddles, He speaks in riddles and that “Those with eyes to see and ears to hear” would be able to unravel the riddles. I think that this is talking about being able to discern the difference between the Word of God and the Word of Man.

So, we know that the God that made Man talks of unity and caring for one another. It talks of accepting and encouraging one another. We are told very clearly to not judge others or that we will be judged. The entire message of Christ was about being selflessly in service to your fellow man. He did not perform wonders and miracles for his own benefit, he performed them for the benefit of others. Just as those of us with Spiritual Gifts, such as prophecy, cannot use them on our own, we can only use them for the benefit of other’s. Healing and discernment are the only Spiritual Gift that I have found which we can use on ourselves. We know that LOVE is the ultimate gift that we are given, and the ultimate gift that we can give.

Then what comes from the God that Man-made? Well, those things should be very easy to spot, right? They would be the things that DO NOT promote unity and love. We have such a hard time seeing that these things are of the God that Man-made! We stand within our churches and our homes and we judge other’s in the name of God. We tell people who to love, what to think and believe, we tell people that they cannot be different, they cannot follow their own heart’s calling. We tell people that we will not love them if they do not fit into our image of what is Godly, but are we really doing the things that are Godly? Are we discerning the difference between these two Gods? Do we even see that there is a difference? Sadly, a majority does not.

The God that Man-made tells us that we have a right to hurt other’s. People are disowning their children, grandchildren, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, life-long friends, and mentors, all because they are worshiping the God that Man-made! We believe that we are justified in this behavior because they are doing something or practicing something that we don’t agree with or that we don’t like. We tell ourselves that it is okay to try to force the people around us to follow our way. We make excuses for our bad behavior. Behavior that they would judge harshly if it was happening to them. Can you imagine it? What if you were shunned because you DID believe in Christ? Turned out of your family and your home because you loved someone of the OPPOSITE sex? Would we be okay with that or would we begin to yell about prejudice? Where would religion be if Christ had treated everyone the same way that we are treating people now? Do you believe that he would deny healing to an AIDS patient just because they loved someone of the same sex? Did he place conditions on his miracles? What if he had been told that the Leper was a drunk and a cheat, do you think he would have denied him healing?  I don’t think he would have either!

Let’s look at one more thing, the God that Made Man teaches (via Christ) that He came here to help and minister to those who were lost and forgotten. He wanted the meanest, most troubled people because they were the ones that needed LOVE the most. If that is the case then by judging other’s and shunning them because they are different, we are going completely against what He taught and we are worshiping the God that Man-made. We cannot reach people through hate, history has shown this repeatedly, so why are we still practicing it?

Please don’t mistake my message here, I am not telling you that you shouldn’t worship the God of your choice. Follow the calling in your heart, but do not get caught up in the judgment and negativity. LOVE and know that you do not need anyone else to justify that belief. You do not need to hurt anyone to prove your Love for God. You do not need to shun anyone. You do not need to push anyone to believe as you do. Use the discernment of your Heart and your Spirit to know that anything that creates pain and negativity cannot come from the God that Made Man. The God that Made Man asks nothing other than for us to LOVE and to BE LOVED. Until next time, Keep Growing!!


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