Divine Timing

Sometimes the Universe/Divine has a way of placing us exactly where we are needed the most. I had that experience this week, in the oddest of ways! The last few days have been grueling but they have also been more rewarding than I can even begin to understand now. Let me begin by saying that I typically always look for ways to expand my spirituality but this week my focus was on my children as I had several important events going on with them. I do not live in the same town as my 4 younger children and so my schedule would keep me away from home for a few days. Typically, I would take my oldest daughter Samantha with me however, I opted to let her stay home with our roommate instead, she is 17 and I didn’t want her to have to miss classes.

As we would be in the area for a few days we thought we would visit some friends and catch up a bit but that didn’t work out quite as planned! I ended up getting extremely ill on Wednesday night and was barely able to make it to my next destination on Thursday morning, let alone do much visiting! I hadn’t slept and I was exhausted from the sickness but I was feeling more myself by Thursday afternoon and of course, my work had found me! I was staying with a dear friend and fellow Spiritual worker on Thursday night and she and I rarely have an opportunity to get together so there was much to do and catch up on!! We napped a bit Thursday but the work kept us busy and wide awake until around 7:30 am on Friday morning!! I was due for another meeting at 11:30 across town so a quick nap was all I had time for, once again. It has now been about 48 hours and I’ve had 4 hours of rest, I’ve worked extensively with my Spiritual work throughout the day and night and I’ve also been ill. Needless to say, I’m zapped!!!!

Well, sometimes that’s exactly when you get the call to step up and move into Divine action! I typically don’t travel without my partner/twin flame and this was no exception. Billy was driving and I was double checking my directions when I hear him exclaim and look up just in time to see a vehicle grinding to a halt in the center of an intersection right in front of us. The front of the car was smashed in and the horn was blaring. The driver is slumped over with blood running down his face. I looked around for the other vehicle and I finally see it on the other side of the road with the driver’s side crushed in.  We can see that the people inside are awake and moving as we screech to a halt ourselves and fly from our vehicle desperate to do whatever we can to help and praying that everyone is okay. Billy barrels straight towards the car sitting in the intersection, as I wait for 911 to come on the line and propel myself towards the other vehicle. Another man comes running from the opposite direction to help Billy with the man who is injured.

The door is pinned closed from the impact and Billy had to wrench it open, the man inside is barely conscious and not coherent at all. Thankfully, the three elderly individuals within the other vehicle were okay, though very shaken and in need of a good once over. The injured gentleman is behaving as if he is unclear about what happened and what is going on. He is refusing the help of Billy and the other gentleman, preferring to attempt to move his car and close himself in the car until EMS could arrive on the scene. Even refusing the towel that had been brought to try to stop the blood flow from his head wound. Oddly enough it was taking an inordinately long time for them to show up! We waited at least 10 to 15 minutes for EMS and then another 10 or 15 for the police so that we could give our statement. Imagine our surprise when we found that the reason for the delayed arrival was that there was a threat to a local high school!!

This was once my hometown. I went to the very high school which was under threat!! My children had friends within that school. Our prayers went out to all the people being affected by this and we fervently prayed for the safety of everyone involved but our focus at that moment had to be on the situation in front of us. This was my first trip home in almost a year, so imagine my surprise to find myself so surrounded with chaos!

Billy and I along with the one other gentleman were the only people to stop for this accident. We had made an unexpected stop only minutes before and if we had not made that stop we would not have been where we were most needed. Of all the things to stop for, Chapstick! The accident and the threat to the high school all happened within minutes of each other and everyone was tied up and across town from where the accident occurred. If we had been moments sooner or later, we either wouldn’t have been there or we would have been in the midst of it. All that we could do was say a prayer of thanks for the Divine Timing we knew was at work. Everyone was okay, the injuries were fairly minor, Fire & Rescue cut the cables and shut off the horn and by the time the police were able to arrive EMS and Fire & Rescue had everything well under control. The vehicles were totaled and it is a wonder that the outcome was so good. We had expected the worst when we ran from our vehicle.

There were so many other experiences and Spiritual things that happened during the trip that Billy and I talked all the way home last night about our experiences and what they meant. We knew that the trip had been a good one, we knew that we had been exactly where we were meant to be when we were meant to be there, not just with the accident but in so many other big and small ways as well! We had decided at the last possible moment (literally right before leaving home on Wednesday morning) that we were going to stay in the area rather than traveling back and forth on Wednesday and then again on Friday.  We left home Wednesday knowing that we were supposed to stay in the area for those two night but not yet even knowing where we were going to be staying!! We were simply following the Divine Urgings that we were both feeling.

I didn’t leave home on this trip expecting to come home so changed by my experiences, but I can say I am thrilled I did! I was reminded of my purpose and my passion. I was reminded of my mission and my commitment. I was reminded that life is precious and oh so fleeting, it must be grasped immediately. I came home oddly renewed and ready to get busy. The experiences that had the greatest effect were the ones that we weren’t expecting, it wasn’t the work we planned for but it was the work we were meant to do. This was a reminder that more than anything, we are meant to always be ready to serve and care for our fellow beings. Be aware and pay attention to those inner urgings, you never know when they are leading you to exactly where you need to be. I have so many other experiences to share with you from the last few days but I will save those for another time. Until next time, Keep Growing!!!


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