My name is Nikki, I am the mother of 5 beautiful children who light up my world and push me to strive for my very best every day! My soon-to-be husband Billy, is the answer to a million prayers and a lot of hard work. He came into my life and turned my world upside down. I wasn’t expecting to find the other half of me, finding him was one of my greatest gifts, and biggest lessons. I’ll fill you in later!! Right now, let it just be enough that my world changed for the better and I began chasing dreams I had long ago given up on!

I am an ALL FAITHS Minister. I am a Life Coach. I am a Mentor. I am a Teacher. I am a Healer. I am Divine. I am a Warrior of Love and Light. These I AM statements are the things that my experiences have taught me. These are the things that I know, reside in my Spiritual Core. These are the things that have shaped my perception of my experiences. These are the things that can NEVER be taken away, they can only be expanded upon.

My goal, as always, is to teach and help raise the Consciousness of my readers. I want to engage you, make you think, make you FEEL. I want to expand your understanding and therefore raise your Vibration. That’s really what happens when you expand your understanding of Spiritual things, you raise your Vibration/Consciousness. I want to show you that there are ways for us to share and learn from one another in a loving manner. We choose to see either opposition or opportunity. I want to help you reach for the opportunities and work through the oppositions.

You will find as we go along that I have not had the easiest life, I’ve faced my share of struggle and anger. I’ve faced loss and failure, just like we all have. I’ve dedicated my life to learning from those experiences, as well as the good ones, and striving to help others find their way a bit easier by sharing both the joy and the pain of what they have taught me.

Whatever path you are on, wherever you find yourself along that path, I hope that I can be a small encouragement or a beacon of hope. May your way always be full of Light and may the Love in your heart overflow and improve the world around you.

All my Love,



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