First blog post

We are here to make a difference, to affect one another and cause growth. We are here to shake each other up and make each other think. We each have a unique story to tell and a unique journey to travel. I want to help you travel your path a bit easier. I want to help you find the most beautiful parts of yourself and others. My goal is to help you find love and goodness in every situation, in every person.

I understand how hard it is at times to find that goodness in another. When you have been mistreated and misused, it’s hard to see good in a person that would do those things to you. It’s hard to look at their lives and situations and have empathy for how they became the way they are. Please understand, no one should ever have to go through an abusive experience. No one should subject themselves to someone who does abuse them. We can find understanding without allowing an abuser to be in our lives. We can find peace within ourselves.

We are all part of the Divine and as such we all carry a spark of the Divine, I want to help you find that spark and love it into a brilliant light. I want to help you make peace with yourself, your experiences, your God and your beliefs. So many of us are struggling with faith at this time. So many are trying to correlate what they feel is right inside with what they are told is right. I want to help you listen to your heart. I want to help you find that connection that exists between all living things. I want to hear your triumphs and your struggles.

You will see a lot of Spiritually based posts from me but you will not see me claim a religion. I cannot claim a single religion as I find meaning and correlation in every religion. I believe and follow what I believe is true in my heart. I do not claim a specific deity because I believe they are all equal and to claim one is to enter the division that I hope to be a small part of healing. I am simply a Spiritual being who hopes to pass on a bit of wisdom and a few laughs. I hope that you will find things here that make you smile and things that make you think. I want to engage you, I want to watch your transformation.

I hope that I can be a small part of your journey, a beacon of hope or a wise word when you need it. I look forward to growing with you, I look forward to knowing you. All my love always and the greatest of blessings to you and yours.




Needed Changes

There are things in this world that need changing. There are outdated thought processes and leadership. There are outdated religious beliefs that bring about separation and division that shouldn’t be there. Any religion that teaches separation and nonacceptance is not of the Light. We will not win through negative means. We will not win through violence. We will not win through fear tactics. These are part of the outdated thought processes. These are the mechanisms of control that we have used for centuries and nothing changes for the better by their use.

We have watched entire nations destroyed, innocent killed because we are literally bring war to their door steps. These people did not ask for this. They did not ask to have their homes and lives destroyed. We are continuing cycles which will ultimately destroy man kind. We MUST learn to love and accept one another. We must learn to work together as one WORLD instead of working separately for our own countries benefit. We need to take back our power and our voices. We need to stop accepting what we are told and start asking the hard questions.

We won’t get there over night. No one expects this to be an easy thing, especially when the only way for us to get there is to face ourselves. Facing ourselves is actually our biggest fear. We create electronics and sit-coms, distractions to keep us from digging too deeply into ourselves. We are afraid of what we might find there. We are afraid of what we know is there and most of all we are afraid to admit a lot of the things that we find inside us. We don’t want to admit that we really screwed up that relationship or that we lost our cool when we shouldn’t have. We don’t want to objectively look at the events of our lives and see our own mistakes. It isn’t easy to see that we’ve lead ourselves to the exact places we didn’t want to be. It isn’t easy to take ownership of our actions, both good and bad.

Right now we are a country at war with itself and everyone else it seems. We are fighting over the election and the importance of skin color, we’re fighting over who people are allowed to love and what a woman is allowed to do with her own body. Have we forgotten that the human body is sovereign and a holy temple unto itself? Who are we to tell someone who to love, would you want someone to come in and tell you that you can’t love and be married to your spouse? Who are we to force any action upon any human being that they do not choose for themselves? If we force a woman to have a child she doesn’t want, then what? That child ends up in foster care or worse, abused because they were unwanted. Why is this such an important topic when there are already children in this world, in this COUNTRY who are starving? Why are we trying to dictate what can be done with the unborn while ignoring the plight of so many who are already walking among us?

We are fighting and making derogatory comments about raising the minimum wage, but how many of you need those restaurant workers in order to eat? How many of you are dependent on these workers because cooking wasn’t an important skill to learn? I look at the generation that I come from and the ones that have come after and I am appalled at the lack of knowledge and ability to feed yourselves. We talk about the people who work in fast food as if they are less than us; several of them have degrees or doctorates but can’t find work in their fields. Even if that isn’t the case, who are we to judge anyone who is trying to make an honest living? If you couldn’t do their job then who are you to say what they should be paid for it?

We all need to take a good hard look inside of us and get a grip on what really matters. We need to be focusing our energy on understanding one another rather than finding ways to separate ourselves from one another. We should be tossing the phone aside and having real and meaningful conversations. How much do you really know about the people you hang out with? What do you know of their dreams and fears? These are the things that matter, these are the things that drive us. Wake up America, the future is calling, you are moving in the wrong direction!!